Business Opportunity Rule #535221-00087

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Nicole Lopez
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Business Opportunity Rule
I strongly disagree with the comments from the letter written on behalf of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) in which Herbalife International is a member. They state that they are concerned with how this Proposed Business Opportunity Rule would affect the “legitimate direct sellers” from these MLM companies. Well, I would like to say how NOT having this regulation in place affected me. I was a “direct seller” for Herbalife International. Had there been regulations in place that forced Herbalife to publish the median income from a distributor and also require the numbers of how many distributors quit the business annually, I would have had more than enough information to tell me what I now know from much research. MLM’s are the most fraudulent kinds of businesses. They prey on those in our communities who are looking to work from home or want to own their own business. Most of the time who are these people? Well, in my case, I was a new mother and wife who wanted to be able to raise my own family but, couldn’t afford not to work and also couldn’t afford to pay for daycare. Nor did I have the desire to have someone else raise my children. These MLM companies tell you lies and give you false hopes in order to lure you in to the company. By the time I realized what was required to make any sort of money with Herbalife, which is lies and deception, there was only 2 options. 1. Continue to lure others just as I was or 2. Give up and leave all of the money I invested for these selfish scammers to enjoy. There is no protection or legislation in favor of the “direct sellers”. The large MLM companies use the “direct sellers” to gain sympathy from law makers and then throw money around to make their point. Why don’t the MLM companies want to disclose the information about what an average “legitimate direct seller” makes? Because the result would show negative income. Why don’t they want to tell you how many people stay “legitimate direct sellers”? Because, as in my case, 13 levels above me had dropped out of the business with in a very short period of time. The top 1% of the company is extremely wealthy and the rest of the “employees” are making them wealthy. Not by what they bring into the business with legitimate sales but what they invest of their own money. I lost close to $10,000.00 in my efforts to be an “Independent business owner”. What have I gained from this “opportunity”? Many, many, many more years of working nights and 2 jobs just to pay the bills. If this revision of the Proposed Business Opportunity Rule goes into effect it would not only be senseless to have a bill that gives way to the most dishonest type of business that is attractive to poor and middle class entrepreneurs, but, it will also give these MLM companies more leeway to claim many more people into their scheme of making themselves rich while creating the gap between rich and poor to be so much more defined. Let’s not allow ourselves to be deceived.