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Business Opportunity Rule
Please find attached the UK ruling. The operative paragraph associated with my previous comments is paragraph 57 (c), which states: "All BSM deployed by certified retail consultants and business consultants will be rigorously controlled by Amway, and it will be impermissible for any profit to be derived from its production or dissemination. Thus the scope and incentive for third parties to ,misrepresent the business opportunity will be significantly reduced. (and, incidentally, ABOs will not be pressured into buying BSM in excess of their reasonable needs)." As you probably know, no less than 4 federal U.S. Federal courts have determined the Quixtar rules and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) process to be "unconscionable", and we are relying on the FTC to get this right, to stop the financial abuse of literally millions of current and former IBO's that has gone on for several decades, to the tune of billions to tens of billions of dollars. Do your job. Stop the abuse. Now.