Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims #534743-00019

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Tracy Artley
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Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims
Greetings! Thank you for taking up this important issue. Many consumers believe any and all "green" claims placed on packaging and there is a large potential for a backlash against all things environmental once consumers realize the greenwashing that has gone on with these labels. As a professional working in the recycling industry, I am often asked "Should I purchase this item? The packaging states that it is biodregrable. Won't it break down in a landfill?" Well, the answer to this question is no as landfills are designed to keep items from decomposing. While I am not an expert in all aspect of "green" packaging, I do have a few requests: -Please require the use of the word "recycled content" on packaging to ONLY mean post-consumer recycled content. Pre-consumer recycled content has been used for years in items and does not support any of the recycling efforts done by the consumer. When they see the term "recycled content," they think that they are purchasing something made from the newspapers and water bottles they recycled. This just is not the case. -Please require that the term "compostable" means that it will break down in a home, municipal or commercial composting system, not that it will break down in a landfill. Thank you for your time and consideration. Tracy L. Artley Recycling Coordinator