Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims #534743-00014

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Jennifer Bible
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Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims
I believe we need specific regulations and restrictions for green packaging. Some of the information can be misleading, which is unfortunate. Consumers are looking for an honest green product, not a marketing ploy. I urge you to apply swift and heavy fines for companies who are utilizing deceptive marketing tactics. As a parent, organic food supporter, and a graphic designer, I would like to see a set of clear and concise guidelines for green packaging with regards to verbal content and claims as well as the packaging materials themselves. The packaging of a product should not outlive the products shelf life by much. It should protect the product form contamination and keep it fresh, but it should not be around for the next 50 years or so. I urge you to continue to look at these issues and make this country smarter and healthier.