Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals, and Pewter Industries #534660-00033

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Anne Howitt
Curt Parker Jewelers
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Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals, and Pewter Industries
In reference to Jewelry Guides, Matter No. G711001 I am a Gemologist and have been working in the jewelry industry for nearly ten years. Consumers choose platinum jewelry because it is hypoallergenic, it is 90-95% pure, and for it's strength. It is considered to be the elite metal of choice. I believe platinum and base metal jewelry should not be allowed to be called platinum because it will go against every reason for choosing platinum. It will cause a great deal of confusion with consumers as to what they are actually buying. It may not be hypoallergenic. It certainly wouldn't be pure. Plus, there will be a lot of problems resizing and repairing this type of jewelry. Consumers will be paying more than they would if they purchasing gold, but will not clearly understand what they have purchased and how many problems they may have in the future. Platinum is and should be the metal of choice for heirloom pieces of jewelry that can be passed down through generations. Platinum made with base metals will not be as durable or as valuable as what we know as platinum jewelry today. Allowing jewelry made with platinum and base metals to be called platinum will hurt the jewelry industry. This practice is not in harmony with international standards. Thank you for your time and consideration, Anne Howitt, Gemologist (GIA)