Beyond Voice: - Mapping the Mobile Marketplace #534331-00001

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Larry Rudolph
VMware Inc and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Beyond Voice: - Mapping the Mobile Marketplace
I have been exploring and researching future applications of mobile computing for the past several years. The investigation has been of the form of student projects and graduate course assignments. Mobile phones and other communication devices are able to gather significant information about their owners and this information is different from what people expect. The defense against disclosing private information is also difficult, especially as many mobile applications will typically use remote servers to supplement the poor compute power. For example, a voice-recognition application might use a remote server to do the processing. A simple modification to such an application along with a location service can turn a mobile phone into a listening device in a secure area. This would not be a virus. Collecting information from a set of people can be used to track one's social behavior, such as knowing who are one's friends. People understand that social networking sites, such as MySpace or Facebook, can track friends, but mobile phones can know all the people on the bus that one rides each morning. I have written a book on Bluetooth program, developed several gps-based games, and explored a bunch of advanced mobile applications, all of which have serious privacy and security concerns. Moreover, I track and publish my whereabouts for the past year and a half. This has taught me the importance of being able to control the use of such information. My current solution is to have control and broadcast false information when I wish to hide my activities from the general public. See my web page: