Credit Report Freezes #534030-00052

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Paul Zueger
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Credit Report Freezes
What a mistake!!!! I requested a freeze from the three credit reporting companies. The reason, someone had stolen a computer from our Colorado 529 Savings plan with our information. Now we want to qualify for a home and we have been trying for 30 days to unfreeze all three (they all claim they have lifted the freeze, but companies that utilize their information still show frozen accounts. -Unable to view. No help anywhere except to say it must be some other company at fault. They all pass the buck. This needs better oversight. These companies are completely unresponsive. To date I am still unable to have my credit viewed and I cannot get any information on who is holding up the account. The majority of banks use tri-merge or services that supply all three. However they still cannot tell me who is holding up the freeze even after I have documentation that the freeze has been lifted.