Credit Report Freezes #534030-00011

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Credit Report Freezes
Only a thief would not want to enable customers to issue credit report freezes to their own finances. Credit companies, banks and businesses should welcome any such change since it would place more liability upon the customer. Since a freeze is not mandatory and is entirely up to the discretion of the individual concerned, what possible argument can be made against it? These arguments of convenience are simply foolish. It is inconvenient to have to lock and unlock your car everyday yet you do so since the inconvenience of having your car stolen is far greater. To disallow customers from being able to lock their own personal data since they might be inconvenienced is an outright insult since it suggests we are too stupid and bovine to handle our own affairs but yet must suffer the consequences of theft regardless. This is asinine. Quite frankly, if the FTC considers otherwise it would be clear that they are not in favor of consumer responsibility and in fact would be offering de facto support for identity theft & fraud due to its own negligence.