Credit Report Freezes #534030-00008

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Spyros Heniadis
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Credit Report Freezes
In the climate of uncertainty provided by the explosion of consumer data being kept and transmitted, I find the credit freeze to be an essential tool to protect and manage my credit. It has been shown that the recovery from identity and credit theft is a long and hard road compared to the ease in which it can afflict any unsuspecting citizen, and so it only seems appropriate that the consumer and citizen is given access to this tool to take measures to keep their identity and credit safeguarded. I would encourage the enactment of a federal credit freeze law that would make it universally easier for citizens to manage and freeze their credit accessibility. I would also encourage the process to be made simple, a single action to freeze credit at all three credit bureaus would insure that a consumer can be assured the action is universal and that credit loopholes are closed to the predators out there seeking to wreak havoc on innocent citizens. Thank you. Spyros Heniadis