Preliminary Proposed Nutrition Principles to Guide Industry Self-Regulatory Efforts, Project No. P094513 #00242

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Trella Davis
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Preliminary Proposed Nutrition Principles to Guide Industry Self-Regulatory Efforts, Project No. P094513
To the Governing Group/Review Group: The advertisers/corporations that seek to impose their short-term financial and commercial gains upon the group of our population that has the least power, discernment and self-capability to protect themselves creates the obvious need for the government, FTC and other regulatory organizations to step up an endorse what is morally, ethically and honorably helpful, protective and healthy for the children of this nation. As someone who has worked professionally in the largest global advertising agencies in the US and abroad, worked at Corp 50 level organizations, as a mother and as having been a child who grew up to the voice/images of the TV being my other parent [and all the inappropriate messages and conditionings that I still struggle with] I dearly urge law-makers to do what is honorable and protect our children by setting clear legal limits on what kinds of products can be exposed to children. Children get on avgerage approximately 40 hours of media exposure a week while on average only 40 minutes of quality communication time a day with a parent or gardian. Clearly with American adults working longer/harder to make the US worker the most productive in the world, one of costs is quality time with our children. So the information of advertisers, which comes in powerful as well as subtle forms from a multitude of directions clearly out-weighs whatever the average America parent can compete with. Advertisers and Corporations have brillant people AND they are very well compensated to use that intellect, education, skill and experience to make their companies viable to the market. By providing clear and firm limits it merely provides another creative challenge for them to solve. This is not the end of any company's business, it is simply the natural process of a company being able to step up to respond to market conditions and consumer's needs and desires. When government lets the corporation force their products or services in ways that are out of alignment with true supply-demand economics then ultimately it becomes a propping up of companies that are not choosing to operate and change with regard to being healthy, seeking natural growth, flexiblity and responsiveness in their business practices. I speak from years of Corp 50 level experience and an MBA. You ultimately make these companies weaker by forcing the market and consumers to meet thier needs than the other way around. It will ultimately serve the longer-term financial health of market-place relevance of companies, the physical/mental/emotional health of children and the socio-economic health of the US to take care of and do right by our children in every way possible. Very sincerely yours, Rev. Trella Davis, MBA