Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc. #00233

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Paula Neihouse Moseman
Music Teachers National Association
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc.
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I am not a lawyer and thus do not understand the complexity of antitrust laws. However, I find the charges brought against MTNA highly ridiculous. MTNA is an organization that serves self-employed music teachers. These are teachers who market their individual studios as well as work at recruiting and retaining the students they gain. Each teacher is allowed to decide what their fees will be and those fees are often based on their personal experience and business plan. Most teachers consult with other teachers in their immediate area about studio prices, lesson length, etc., simply so they don't price themselves out of the market. The FTC's charges show a complete lack of understanding in regards to the private music education field. The provision in the MTNA Code of Ethics is simply a statement to encourage teachers to maintain a high level of professionalism. It is common courtesy to not actively try to steal another teacher's students away from their studio. It has absolutely nothing to do with discouraging competition! Private music teachers are always in demand and the consumer searching for a teacher makes their choice based on a number of factors. If they don't like one teacher, there are always many more available. I am appalled the MTNA organization has had to fight such ridiculous charges and had to sign a decree simply because the organization doesn't have the financial resources to fight it. The FTC's charges against MTNA are fully without basis and should be dropped immediately.