Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc. #00213

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Andrea Cannon
Conroe Music Teachers Assoc
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc.
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The relationship between colleagues in the music profession should be one of mutual respect. Eliminating Ethical practices under the guise of free competition is not in the best interest of the students, their families and the teaching profession. When I begin with a new student, especially a young one, it takes many years for them to become accomplished. When teachers expand their student base by approaching the students of other teachers, telling them their teacher is incompetent and proposing they will only become accomplished if they switch, that is stealing. It is underhanded and dishonest. A good teacher makes their own good students. They do not need to solicit the students of other teachers. My reaction when the student of another college approaches me for instruction is to first ask them to talk to their current teacher to let them know. Then, afterward, I talk to the teacher to see how they feel about it. That student will graduate from school sooner than I will stop being that other teacher's colleague. It is much more agreeable to handle it with respect for the many years of work that teacher has invested in their student. I compare it to work on a project. If I were to conceive a project that would take many years to complete, and then have someone come and take it away just before I finish and claim all of the work as their own idea - well, that is clearly stealing. The work we accomplish with our students over years is the same. There is no substitute for the motivation one very advanced child can bring to the Studio Community. I cry when someone else woos one of them away. I see ten years of work just evaporate. And I certainly prefer not to work with that colleague in the future. It is different when the Student becomes uneasy and seeks out another teacher. However, even in those cases, I think the Standard Policy of Respect should be - the teachers need to talk before accepting a colleague's Transfer Student. I think it is absolutely right for a Professional Organization to ask their members to commit to that level of ethics or risk termination of their membership.