A Preliminary FTC Staff Report on "Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change: A Proposed Framework for Businesses and Policymakers" #00196

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A Preliminary FTC Staff Report on "Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change: A Proposed Framework for Businesses and Policymakers"
To whom it may concern: I am exceedingly opposed to _ANY_ type of tracking. We should not have to be bothered with either "opting in" or, worse yet, having to "opt out". Should any type of tracking be allowed (which it most definitely should NOT!) it should have complete and total transparency where each and every entity who does the tracking _MUST_ inform the 'trackee' _BEFORE_ tracking may start AND include extremely explicit instructions on how to "opt out". That said, this "opt out 'cookie'" is a pathetically feeble approach to truly stop the tracking process since that cookie will be destroyed when one clears ones computer of all cookies unless they are tech savvy enough to know how to keep it/them. In addition to which, each entity who tracks will have their own cookie. I for one do _NOT_ want my valuable hard drive space taken up with any number of cookies that are not absolutely necessary for my computer to be able to 'talk' with another computer! I do _not_ want my valuable _time_ taken up having to "opt out" every time I click my mouse! This would be extremely counterproductive, to say the least! There is a company who has a _STUPENDOUS_ idea to give people the control (that we have the right to) over the data that is put on our own machines. This idea is one exceptionally good way to simply add a header indicating the user/owner of that machine wishes to not be tracked. I believe that barring a move to prevent any tracking at all by any entity this method could very easily be quite viable ... _providing_ the general basically computer illiterate end user has this method put squarely in front of their understanding with extreme ease and simplicity of implementation being held mandatory. In my "perfect world" we would once again have freedom of movement without any type of device watching us. This returned freedom would include, but is not limited to, having complete anonymity on the internet where only our machines know which machine is talking to which _ONLY_ for the purpose of that 'mechanical conversation' while it is transpiring, not being listened to on the telephone by algorithms, etc., not having traffic cameras watching any and all turns we take on the road and/or all the other ways our daily lives are being scrutinized and our privacy being invaded upon. Oh, how I long for the good old days before all of this tracking, spying, and surveillance ...whatever one wants to call it... came to pass. Thank you for hearing "We The People" out. After all, _we_ pay your salaries with our hard earned tax dollars. I hope with my strongest hopes that you actually use this information to curtail the rampant greed that has facilitated the necessity for your proceedings in this matter. Sincerely, A extraordinarily concerned natural born United States citizen who believes in our Constitutionally given Right to Privacy.