Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc. #00194

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Aaron Loeffelbein
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc.
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The FTC's action against the MTNA is uncalled for and utterly ridiculous. It assumes that private music instructors, using the MTNA's code of ethics, are allegedly conspiring to raise the cost of music instruction in a way that is unfair to the public. That code of ethics exists because the members of the MTNA are decent people who care about others and wouldn't dream of "soliciting" (as the FTC puts it, but known to real people in the real world as "STEALING") students out from under another teacher. Private music instruction, while undertaken by most in the profession as a partly a business, is not pursued solely for business purposes. It is a profession of passion. Teachers teach these students not to get ahead in any industry rat race, they do it because they love music and they want to spread that love of music to the next generation. Business practices only enter in because teachers, being people, need to pay for things like housing, food, clothing, transportation, and TAXES, among other things. Music teachers are not secretly conspiring to raise the cost of private music instruction. For those of us who do this for a living, we are not in it to become millionaires. Most of the music teachers I know are barely scraping by financially and wouldn't ever dream of charging students more money unless it's justifiably linked to a cost increase for them (such as cost of living, cost of instruments, TAXES, etc). To punish a group of people who devote their lives to bettering other people's lives is unthinkable--it's criminal! The MTNA stands FALSELY ACCUSED in this matter and is, I propose, the target of bullying at the hands of the United States Federal Trade Commission. I am OUTRAGED that my tax dollars are being spent in this manner. I urge the FTC to drop this matter outright. I urge every tax payer to consider the futility of this bullying battle that the FTC has picked with an organization that cannot fight back. Our choice as it is under this consent decree is to give up hundreds of thousands of MTNA members' money, which is meant to fund student scholarships, teacher training and enrichment and other programs that are in support of the advancing of the arts in this country, or change a big part of who we are. Pay or change. This is absolutely insane. DROP IT NOW.