Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc. #00159

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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc.
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I appreciate the efforts being made to ensure music teaching is an industry that is equitable to all involved. As a member of MTNA for several years, I have never read the code of ethics and was not aware of the statements for which MTNA is being sanctioned. I have been a music teacher for twenty-plus years, in an area saturated with music teachers, and have never experienced the situations the FTC is concerned would result from the MTNA code of ethics (any of them, but particularly the anti-competition ones). Perhaps this is a problem in other areas of the nation, but I've not experienced it or heard of it in mine. I have always set my rates based on my personal considerations, and not on what is going on with other studios. My experience, for my area, is that there are a lot of piano teachers, most of whom are members of MTNA, but who are equally ignorant of the problematic code of ethics. Ultimately it is the students who hold the power-they go where they want (because there are so many teachers here) regardless of whether there has been a contract or agreement, because what music teacher charges enough to justify (let alone fund) a broken contract lawsuit? At any rate, if this is a problem somewhere else in the nation, I appreciate the action being taken by the FTC. I would be interested to know more about current situations that are results of the no-competition clauses in the MTNA code of ethics. My experience has been that, because piano lessons simply are not a "life essential" activity (although every music teacher would like their students' parents to believe this) and if it gets too expensive people just quit and do something else. I would be interested in more details as to this situation, from the FTC, perspective. The information from MTNA seems to be that this action is being taken because of some organization goals, which I wasn't even aware existed. Sincerely, Music Teacher in Utah