Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc. #00157

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Patricia Puffer
Goshen-Elkhart Music Teachers Association (member)
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc.
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I have been a member of MTNA, IMTA (Indiana Music Teachers Association) and GEMTA (Goshen-Elkhart Music Teachers Association) since 1991, and I am proud to be associated with people with high ethics and morality. We as a group enhance the local communities within which we reside, work, volunteer, teach and collaborate. Due to our high standards of acceptable interaction, we do not experience animosity of spirit. We are naturally in competition with each other due to our areas of expertise, levels of teaching, education and experience. This ruling of the FTC will not change anything except 1) cause our national organization to pay the federal government fees which could further the cause of music education and 2) allow the federal government to control one more aspect of our public and private lives. Where in the Constitution is the federal government given the right to manipulate and try to control those aspects of life which should be under the control of state government and/or local communities? We have the right to include a "Code of Ethics" in the handbooks of our national, state and local chapter association handbooks. An upright, respectful organization is a fully functioning organization. We enjoy each other's professional and personal relationships due to the respect we have for one another. The federal government does not have the right to interfere in our organization and make us change or omit the Code of Ethics which has been in place for decades. This charade is ludicrous! A free nation does not place controls on the ethical function of professional music teachers! I respectfully request that you rescind the settlement order, return the fees paid by MTNA to the government, and allow us to continue to use the Code of Ethics which has guided our membership for decades. To not do so will be a violation of our civic rights and will not be tolerated.