Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc. #00142

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Philip Low
Private Studio
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc.
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I am a sole proprietor of my studio and a single male piano teacher, and as an educator and business person, I beg you to withdraw the FTC's changes to our organization. It is really hurting all of us music teachers. You are trying to help us, but you are hurting us. Please allow us to talk freely about price and to have our code of ethics. As a private studio teacher with a doctorate in piano performance, I have struggled very much to make a living teaching music to the next generation of students. All piano teachers charge very little compared to professions with similar qualifications. Most of us do not even make any living at all, and could not survive without a spouse or parents. MTNA is a total non profit organization with no power to fight the FTC. What has happened here is unfair and hurtful to all of us music teachers. MTNA, a non profit organization, needs to be allowed to discuss price since it is such a pressing problem among teachers who cannot support themselves. Price fixing is impossible since there are no regulations in our industry at all. The non-compete clause with other studios is just simply a matter of professional decency and gentleman/lady-like behavior. It's not anything to do with business practices. Relationships between teachers and students are of a very trusting and personal nature, and recruitment is simply too cold and cut throat for our profession, given the way it operates. The restrictions the FTC wants to place on MTNA is unnecessary and unfair. And we do not want it. It's not allowing us freedom of competition. It's not allowing us to charge whatever we want. It's simply preventing us from banding together to make a better living, and it's limiting our own personal choices to treat our colleagues with the respect, care, and courtesy that we deserve, regardless of business practices out in the corporate world. Ours is a noble profession. Leave us to treasure and preserve what we have. Please withdraw the FTC's new regulations.