Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc. #00132

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Rachel Busch
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc.
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I would like the FTC to reconsider its judgment regarding MTNA's code of ethics, which states that “The teacher shall respect the integrity of other teachers’ studios and shall not actively recruit students from another studio.” I currently have a full piano teaching studio, and in my experience, the code of ethics has not limited my ability to recruit students in any way. In fact, I find the code of ethics beneficial and reasonable in the following ways: 1) One of the purposes of local music teachers groups which exist under the umbrella organization of MTNA is to organize and run competitive and non-competitive performance events for our students. I have found that these events greatly enhance music students' sense of accomplishment and purpose, and such events would not be possible without the cooperation and goodwill of the teachers in the organization. I believe the code of ethics helps promote respect and encourages goodwill among music teachers, and helps ensure a sense of trust necessary to run cooperative events without the concern that another teacher may try to recruit one's students at such an event. 2) The code of ethics does not prohibit a student from actively seeking out another teacher within the organization. In my local music teachers group, Columbine Music Teachers Association, I know of at least one case of a student who switched to a different teacher within the group at the student's initiative. This is not frowned upon in any way. Perhaps this could be made more clear in the code of ethics rather than removing the provision regarding teachers' active recruitment of others' students entirely. 3) In my experience the code of ethics also does not prohibit actively advertising by such activities as sending out fliers in schools, posting business cards in public places, etc. Such advertising may result in receiving students from another teacher's studio, but would not constitute direct recruitment of another's students. I have engaged in such advertising without any negative response from my colleagues in my local organization. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.