Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, Project No. P954501 #00114 

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Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, Project No. P954501
To the FTC and all companies making fake organic products. Please make all products conform to the same rule. Anyone who shops a "popular" retail chain is being ripped off by these labels. Whole Foods has led the way correctly in their stores. Brands such as Kiss My Face, Burt's Bees, and most others are not organic, and are thought by many to be "natural". That word means something to me, but on a label "natural" is the most useless description there is. Typical products are not only bad for us, but they soak into our skin and are transported throughout our bodies. And factory production methods pollute our rivers and land. Additionally, if they do have any nature-derived ingredients, then the methods used to grow them are totally unsustainable, polluting everything from our water to the people who raised them, including 100% all of mothers' breast milk and the food we eat. I don't buy these and many brands, but it takes me over 100 hours a year of research to avoid them so as to not contribute to the lying companies that produce them--how is everyone to have time to do that? That's what labels are for, and you, unfortunately, have been put in charge of enforcing this. So stop the lies. Your ways are 100% unsustainable and are destroying the planet quickly. Don't you have children and grandchildren--do you ever think of the world you are leaving them, or are you OK with just polluting the whole thing and using up all the resources?