Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, Project No. P954501 #00106 

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Jin Emerson-Cobb
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Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, Project No. P954501
Yes – consumers are being misled (i.e., lied to) when personal care products (and foods) are labeled "organic" but contain dangerous petrochemicals, synthetic ingredients, and/or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). To stay alive, we need truthful labels on everything we consume, whether by absorption through the skin or by eating. With good labels, we can make informed choices and stay healthy. To deny us truth in labeling is to deliberately cause illness and premature death. Thus, when a corporation or a regulatory agency mislabels toxic products as "organic," it is committing a prosecutable crime against humanity. When a product is labeled "organic," ALL its ingredients should be organic, i.e., not synthetic or genetically engineered. Moreover, the METHODS of producing the ingredients should also be organic (no toxic herbicides, pesticides, or genetic engineering). Labels often shout "ORGANIC!" but whisper the list of ingredients in excessively small print that most people can't read without a magnifying glass. Listing the poisons in small print is another form of deception. Shampoo labels are especially defective. A shampoo may include an organic ingredient or two so that it can get an "organic" label – but the main ingredients are dangerous toxins that are rapidly absorbed by the skin. A few of these are dioxane, sodium lauryl sulfate, diethanolamine, nitrosodiethanolamine, propylene glycol, ethylene oxide, polysorbate 80. Over time, such ingredients sicken the user and can be lethal. I don't want my skin to absorb any of these poisons. The FTC should mandate truthful labeling and avoid the FDA's example. The corrupt FDA, bought by the industries it's supposed to regulate, forbids truth in labeling so-called foods that contain GMOs. GMOs have been proved to cause diabetes, aborted fetuses, cancer, permanent genetic damage, and a plethora of other lethal problems. Moreover, the FDA is filled with personnel from Monsanto et al. that tout genetic engineering – Michael Taylor, Alison Van Eenennaam, Kevin Wells, Gregory Jaffe are only a few of these. The FDA and Monsanto are committing prosecutable crimes against humanity because they KNOW that GMOs cause disease and death Thank you for considering my comments.