Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc. #00083

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Laurie Meinhold
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc.
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I have been a music teacher for 40 years, and in our profession it has always been considered unprofessional and rude to actively and personally solicit a particular student, especially in my capacity as a judge for piano competitions featuring students of many different teachers and as an evaluator for examinations given to piano students of many different teachers.This rule does not prevent me from advertising my skills as a teacher in print, on the web, or in any way that a business generally advertises.If someone else's student CALLS ME, as a result of an ad or a contact I speak to them about my studio and what I offer, how much I charge, etc. and I will accept the student, if they decide of their own accord, based on information about my studio that they wish to change teachers.I have had students solicited by other teachers, and I have many times heard from other teachers that they had a student stolen. This usually happens when a teacher who is trying to improve their image, by having good students hears the student of another teacher in a competition or recital and approaches them, saying-"you could do better, have more success with me". This goes on behind people's backs quite a bit. It is an issue for teachers who have a really good student, and don't want him or her stolen- they may refuse to enter that student in a competition or performance out of fear. Other teachers deal with it by actively warning a good student that someone may approach them, and to be wary. I think the code of ethics is beneficial to our profession and I will continue to honor it whether it is written or not.Like other professionals my business is mostly by referral, and even other teachers will refer me, if they feel I could help a student. I think the FTC could find much bigger fish to fry and is wasting valuable resources here. I think this is an example of big government overstepping their boundaries.