: Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc. #00075

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Kay Lowry
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: Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc.
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Thank you for considering public comments. I have been teaching private piano for over 20 years. I have taught in two states and have been a member of four professional organizations. I believe that the statement in the Code of Ethics regarding solicitation of another teachers' students requires some explanation. In practice, teachers do accept students from other teachers' studios. As each one of us is an independent contractor, the procedure varies. How we attract students varies. Some teachers advertise, some have space on websites, and of course, referrals. Typically, if a student or parent is not satisfied with their current teacher, they start looking. I have received many calls from people that are in another studio. I personally screen those calls, as there is a certain type of student I am looking for to be a part of my studio. If I am satisfied with certain criteria, I do move forward with accepting that student. Many independent teachers who belong to a teaching group consider the other teachers their professional colleagues and friends. We cooperate and offer events that enrich our students and our own professional lives and capabilities. Sometimes, I have even asked another teacher to take on one of my students, because I felt that they could do a better job with that student in the current situation. I have asked other teachers to coach a student, which they did for pay. I have referred parents to other teachers, and they refer to me. It is up to the parent to compare the services provided and the prices charged, which do vary. In summary, our teacher groups enhance our students lives and help the product we provide to be of higher quality. Students and parents in our community have the freedom to switch teachers. We don't have to actively solicit from other teachers in order to have a thriving business. Our business contacts flow freely from the community and from each other. The public benefits from the many choices available within our teaching groups. Please reconsider the consent decree. MTNA has already removed the offensive statement from the Code of Ethics. To require more would be cumbersome and actually irrelevant. Thank you for your consideration.