Face Facts: A Forum on Facial Recognition Technology, Project No. P115406 #00063 

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John Chere III
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Face Facts: A Forum on Facial Recognition Technology, Project No. P115406
As a former U.S. Army PSYOPS veteran, I am aware of the awesome power of technology. From drones to mind-boggling ELINT capabilities and body-tracking software, our government contains an ever expanding array of avenues to collect information. It is my opinion they do not need any other. Viewing the failure of the courts, congress and the office of the President to reign in war-time powers, police themselves or our economy and the erosion of Constiutional safeguards of our liberty lends weight to the argument that any new powers would most certainly be abused, lied about and then covered up, either literally or in maneuvers continually detrimental to our fading rule of law. Guantanamo, Iraq, Warrantless wiretapping, torture, internal political interference, prosecution of whistleblowers, instigated "home-grown" terror, war profiteering and war mongering, adavanced stealth technology in the hands of our enemies, and now the inflated spectre of Iran... Not only is our government not to be trusted with further powers, they can't even use the ones they do have efficiently, accurately or with desirable results. If PFC Manning did in fact release all of that information, it is the systemic failure of an overgrown bureacracy- drunk on power- that enabled him to do so. Such enablers in other criminal cases are held legally liable. In government, as long as you keep your mouth shut or chant the line, you get promoted. Biometric tracking is an awesome power and I remind the comment reader of the national upcry over REAL ID and all of the related prior acts attempting to institute a central U.S. GOV database to track its citizens' every move literally. These are not the kind of jobs we should be creating to aid dictators at home and abroad to quell civil dissidence through preemptive fear. You have a responsibility to the citizens of the United States and they are not better served through less freedom and thats exactly what this is about. Freedom or Order: I'd really like that fair shake the President keeps talking about. JECIII