Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503 #00062 

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Muriel VanLoh
South Dakota
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Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503
Dear sirs, Alcohol is an addictive narcotic drug. Profit for producers and sellers of this drug come from sales and more profit comes from more sales. FTC policy of allowing the Alcohol drug makers and promoters to “self-regulate” themselves in their advertising is actually government partnership with the Alcohol Industry. The current policy enables manipulation by the alcohol industry. Protests against government-alcohol industry partnership are on the rise in Europe and in other parts of the world. An example: “UK Government Proposes Deal with Drinks Industry to Tackle Alcohol Harm. IAS (Institute of Alcohol Studies) and other leading health organizations walk away from ‘Responsibility Deal’ talks.’” (Issue 1, 2011, p.5. Global Alcohol Policy Alliance, London, We would urge the FTC to implement an independent third-party group to investigate alcohol advertising with the aim to reduce underage exposure to alcohol advertising. That group should include public health and public interest members and educators but should exclude the alcohol industry itself. We would ask for attention to be paid to the use of the WEB and websites to lure young people into alcohol use and that the FTC end all cooperation with the alcohol industry “education” curriculum. Sincerely, Muriel VanLoh, vice-president, WCTU of SD