16 CFR Part 423 - Trade Regulation Rule on Care Labeling of Textile Wearing Apparel and Certain Piece Goods (the “Care Labeling Rule”), Project No. R511915 #00060 

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Gus Chang
Natures Best Cleaners
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16 CFR Part 423 - Trade Regulation Rule on Care Labeling of Textile Wearing Apparel and Certain Piece Goods (the “Care Labeling Rule”), Project No. R511915
As a owner and operator of cleaner in Petaluma Ca, the proposed care label change to Professional Wet Cleaning would help very much in fair competition with other cleaners in the local market. Our establishment is dedicated to 100% Professional Wet Cleaning Facility for the past 4 years. I have been also a chemical dry cleaner for the past 25 years using Perchoroethelyne. Of those years as a chemical drycleaner many wrong labels made garments unserviceable. Some examples of mis-labeled garments are: 1 Spot cleaning only – When the garments were worn, it cannot be cleaned spots only 2 Dry clean short cycle – As an operator, you can’t shorten drying cycle 3 Do not wash, do not dry clean, do not spot clean – it means don’t do anything 4 Clean Fresh solvent only – at a price of 25+ per gallon of fresh solvent, 5 Dry clean using low heat – Drying temp need is between 140-180 F anything below doesn’t dry well 6 Dry clean except beads – can’t partially clean garments inside rotating drum For the past 25 years, these are few care labels that we came across, and we are sure that there are more. Some garments were ruined, some garments were sent to lab for analysis, some garments we paid to customers for replacement, some garments sent back to manufacturer for mis-label. But in the process of following care label set by the governing body, many garments are mis-labeled causing mistakes to be made by consumer and friendly cleaners. However, after switching to Professional Wet Cleaning, all the mis-labels or wrong labels do not lead to mistakes in processing garments. Water is known for its cleansing properties, stain removal, safe on garments, safer environments from hazardous solvents, safe for employees and managements and most of all our customers loves us for the fact that we are professional wet cleaner. Customers love the fact that, the garments are cleaned without harsh chemicals, much softer feel and environmentally friendly. And this technology is what they have been searching for, some comments from customer. Besides all the benefits which we stated above, many of the troubles garments using traditional dry cleaning process such as beads, specialty buttons, multi fabric garments, polyurethane coating, leather and suede, spandex, plasticizers, sequins, belts, furs, downs and metallic fibers etc. can be processed successfully by using Professional Wet Cleaning technology. Currently, we process 45% of garment as a Professional Wet Cleaning and rest as a regular wet cleaning procedure. In state of CA, there are over 100 established Professional Wet Cleaners that are dedicated to 100 % Professional Wet Cleaning. All of us very similar techniques, programs, additives and equipments in processing millions of garments from everyday casual wear to much sophisticated evening formal wear, of course all in between as well. By implementing Professional Wet Cleaning, this provides consumer much better choice to choose from, they have additional option for caring for their garments. Another aspect is , Professional Wet Cleaning provides safer environment to all that are involved in cleaning industry as a whole.