Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503 #00056 

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Martha Johns
pacific institut from research an evaluation
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Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503
I work with underage drinking prevention groups around the country and each year we notice that the alcohol inductry marketing is more and more targeted towards the appetites, psychology and core motivators of teens and even preteens. Budwieser markets a girls pink baseball hat with a bottle opener an a BUD logo - found in th girls department at Target. Little kitty "flasks" and back pocket one drink disposble cocktails are made to looklike juice drinks. Graphics that are teen oriented ( scary faces etc) find there way onto canned drinks the equivalent of four old fashioned beer drinks. Most parents can't tell these cans from an energy drink. Viral markeing on sites that would be aimed at teens and college kids ( also underage) tout the sexiness of drinking and make it seem like "everyone is doing it" - changing behavior that is against the law into a social norm. The alcohol industry is purposely developing the next generation of drinkers. A family at a baseball game can't avoid the large advertising in mid field. We will soon have the addiction rates of European countries that have never controlled advertising and have higher social cost. We now know that the deveoping brain "learns" to need alcohol with exposure at younger ages - incrementally greater for each year earlier a young person drinks. It can't be considered Old fashioned to preserve the public health - especailly as health costs are rising fo us all! I think we should disallow alcohol lobby from supporting politicians campaigns!