Preliminary Proposed Nutrition Principles to Guide Industry Self-Regulatory Efforts, Project No. P094513 #00055

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Carol Zielinski
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Preliminary Proposed Nutrition Principles to Guide Industry Self-Regulatory Efforts, Project No. P094513
I think the government should stay out! Obesity is a problem in America but not something our government should get involved in and start more regulations in our food industry! Common sense tells us this a problem with the parents and it's up to the parents to watch and monitor what their kids eat and if they eat out, where they go. If the parents give in to the kids whining, that is the parents fault! When are the parents going to step up and take responsibility for thei kids and the choices they make Don't blame the government or ask them to step in and take over your job as parents b/c you are too lazy to stand up to your kids and make the right choices! I also feel that even if this goes through/passes, it will fail & our obesity rates will stay high or go even higher. These advertisements are not the real problem! It's the parents and the way many adults think about food themselves! They want McDonald's themselves! They (typically) make poor food choices themselves! With obesity in kids, you always have to consider the "environment factor"/influence b/c most obese kids grow up from birth with heavy or obese parents who are not modeling good behavior or food choices. Kids will model their parents, it's what they know! Plus, adults who are overweight and eat poorly themselves, usually serve that same fod to heir kids. It's the snacks they have, in the meals they serve for the whole family, the restaurants that they also want to go too. They often probably don't exercise either and then the kids don't see that fitness is important growing up and it ends up to not be important to them either! So it all boils down to the parents and ultimately it's up to them to teach their kids from day one about a healthy lifestyle and to be role models themselves. Leading by example is the ultimate teacher to our's our actions they see that they internalize so deeply, more than just our words. So even if a parent talks a good talk, but they our serving themselves junk all day and not exercising and their kids see that, then those actions will have more of an affect on them than their preaching. So please, drop this and start putting these responsibilities back where they belong, on the parents! Parents need to wake up and start to care about their own health and realize the impact their behavior has not only on them but their children's lives, health and future success & happiness! Until parents care and make their own health and "lifestyle" a priority, this obesity issue will not go away. Government...STOP trying to control and regulate everything in our lives. You only make things more costly and usually the situation becomes worse, not better. You only teach these sort of dead beat parents to expect the government to step in and then they give the power/control over their families away to the government. They then can & start to blame the government for (in this example) "their fat kids" and become more lazy and more dependent on the government and take less and less responsibility for their actions/choices! It's a sad and vicious circle that never ends if the government keeps intruding in our lives and growing bigger every day. When these children grow up, they will most likely continue this cycle with their families/kids. Please stop trying to find solutions for our counties problems within the government & by creating government contol/regulations! Sincerely, Carol Zielinski