Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of DesignerWare, LLC, FTC File No. 1123151 #00054

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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of DesignerWare, LLC, FTC File No. 1123151

I wanted to tell you that I like having this software on my computer and I was told it was loaded. Now I m being told I have to bring the computer back and have it removed. I don t think I will comply with this. You see last year my house was broken into and the only way I got all my stuff back was because of this software. The police were able to turn on the web camera and discovered where and who was using the computer. Why would you stop someone from using this software If someone steals my stuff why should they have to give approval before I m allowed to use this software to determine where my stuff is If I put a big piece of shit on the seat of my car and you break into my car and sit on it and get your pants all dirty it is not my fault. You shouldn t have broken into my car. If you don t want your picture taken then don t steal my stuff. I think this is like the hot coffee in the lap from McDonalds. What part of hot don t you understand, or telling people that if they try to dry their hair with a lawn mower they might get hurt. Protecting stupid people who are stealing should not be what you waste my tax dollars on now should it I will not be removing this software from my rental computer because the last time I looked this was a free country. I think you should read the Declaration of Independence. I have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness and I and many other Americans are happy with this software installed. I am telling you formally that I will not comply with allowing the rental store to remove this software from my computer.