Face Facts: A Forum on Facial Recognition Technology, Project No. P115406 #00050 

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Face Facts: A Forum on Facial Recognition Technology, Project No. P115406
Personally I feel this is reaching to far. We already see breaches of privacy in relation to most things digital. Companies like apple, google, and Facebook (just to name three that we know of) have abused the collection of personal information in ways many didn't expect these companies to do because they felt they could trust them. The problem is with digital information anyone can get a hold of it, no matter the security in place and the consumer rarely has any rights to the collected data and as to how it gets used. When it does get abused the companies, it seems to the avg American, do not get any sort of punishment for the breech and all to often try to explain I away. They expect Americans will just forget in a week and next time the company will inform the consumer about its plan with that data. Sadly when the next new thing comes out, it's all repeAted again. I can't begin to put down the ways that this can be abused. There is no way a company can insure that the data they collect from facial recognition soft ware and cameras will be safe from hackers / hactivist and ensure that the data they are collection are just for the soule purpose of what they intend it to be used for! Are you going to have a staff of programmers reading every line of code to ensure that there isn't some sort of extra line in there telling the software to log the data in a different location or to save the photos it may take to be used elseware? I dought that is going to be the case. Funny thing is I can tell you all this till I'm blue in the face but when the next thing comes along, you the FTC will just post up something like this (place to let consumers express their concerns) and in reality not be able to do anything about it an that frankly scares me. Companies get away with hige breaches and only pay small fines and little else is done after. I really hope that something will be done. Did you know my Sony Bravia tv has a camera in it? It's supposed to detect if someone is in the room and switch to a power saving mode if no one is in the room. Do you know if itdoes only that, if it has recorded me or my family, if it sends that data somewhere? I know I don't and it connects to the Internet! I don't even know where that camera is located on it, otherwise I'd put tape over it. I no longer walk naked in my front room, IN MY OWN HOUSE because I don't exactly know what it does and what it's used for. It's not that I'm paranoid there is just a huge lack of information out there as to what exactly they are going to use it for and there isn't anything saying that the camera can only used in one particular fashion. Compinies should have to apply with the FTC to change how they intend to use the product if that want to update or change how they want to use something. Right now, they just go on ahead send update software to my tv and it has new features. Please take this seriously.