Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of DesignerWare, LLC, FTC File No. 1123151 #00049

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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of DesignerWare, LLC, FTC File No. 1123151
This is a complicated matter as I m learning, I m caught between a rock and a hard place. I don t want a rental store spying on me but I want my discount too. I rented a computer and they told me, in writing, that if I agreed to it, they d be able to install software in case I lost the computer or it became stolen. If I reported the computer stolen, they d activate the camera to determine if I was lying. I had no problem with that and for this they gave me a nice discount. My car insurance did the same thing for me and I save money because I agreed to it. I understand that people don t want to be tracked and shouldn t be unless they agree to it. In my case I agreed, I also had the opportunity not to agree with it. I could have paid more or walked down the street to a competitor. I was also talking with my daughter about this and she informs me that most of the electronics these days have this technology and I can opt in or out. This makes since to me and that s what I did was opt in when I rented. I can also opt out anytime I want. So, the question is, since I agreed to it and someone steals my computer why should they be able to opt out If someone steals my cell phone I do NOT want them opting out so they can keep it. This just doesn t make since to me. According to Google, a computer/phone/tablet is stolen every 53 seconds with over 12,000 laptops every week being lost or stolen and just because I rented the computer I should not be prevented from having this software. I guess the issues are around the ownership. I don t own the computer. I don t own Windows that is on it. I don t own the anti-theft software, office, etc. I m renting it. It s like renting a car from Hertz. I rent it and agree to return it after a month or pay for another month. If I do this for 18 months they will transfer ownership to me. If not, they own it. I understand how it works and I understand why they want to protect their investments. I agree not to install software or change things, in other words modify it until I own it. But, I don t want them monitoring or tracking me unless I violate my contract, but just like Hertz, has every right to recover a stolen car I would think so should the owner of computer.