Public Roundtables: Protecting Consumers in the Sale and Leasing of Motor Vehicles, Project No. P104811 #00044 

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Jessica Ferella
Grandwood Auto Sales
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Public Roundtables: Protecting Consumers in the Sale and Leasing of Motor Vehicles, Project No. P104811
On November 15, 2010 I purchased a 2001 Mercury Sable from Grandwood Auto Sales for $2550.00 which I paid for in cash on November 16 2010. I had paid extra fees to the dealership for registration and the title to my car. It was taking a long time to get my registration and title for my car so I kept calling everyday to find out why I had not yet received either. The employees at Grandwood Auto lost my file and all my paperwork that they needed to turn in to get the title and registration for my car. On December 15 2010 my car broke down and was no longer driveable, therefore I had to get my car towed. I had my car towed to Grandwood Auto Sales in between 4:30 and 5:30 A.M on December 16 2010. I only had my car for exactly 30 days when it broke down. I called Grandwood Auto when they opened on the morning of December 16 2010 to inform them about my car and I was told they would have a mechanic look at it and have it fixed. My car sat there for another week and I called everyday asking why hasnt m car been fixed yet and what is going on with it, and was told everytime that they were working on getting it fixed for me which never happened. Which at this time I still had not received a title or registration for the car and I had been continuously askling the employees about. On Monday December 20 2010 I went up to Grandwood Auto to speak with the owner of the dealership. I waited for 4 hours for the owner to show up to meet with me and when he got there we talked about everything that has been happening with my car. At which time he told me that my car was not going to get fixed at all because I bought it as is. When I had confronted him about them losing my paperwork he denied it and told me I could not have left the lot with the car without signing and taking with me a certain form and I told him I did not have it and never got any paperwork. He pulled out a blank sheet of the form he was talking about and I asked him to show me the copy they had that I signed land he continued to say the same thing over again and again and shoved the form in my face and when I asked him to please get it out of my face which then he shoved it closer in my face and started yelling at me and so then I grabbed the form from him and then he physically pushed me so I left and made a police report and tried to press charges. On December 22 2010 my car had been stolen from their property and on December 23 2010 I received my title for the car in the mail which stated it was done on December 21 2010, but It was not until after my car was stolen that I received my title. When I tried to file a police report for my car being stolen the police officer I spoke with told me I could not report it stolen without the owner of Grandwood Auto which he would not do that.My car was in their care at the time it was stolen and was their responsiblility and they were reliable for what happened and therefore I was not able to make a police report. I need to sue them but have not had the money to be able to start the lawsuit. The owner of the dealership named Joe Darby assaulted me and sold me a car without telling me there was something wrong with the transmission which was why my transmission blew only 30 days after buying it. I have tried contacting the employees and none of them would talk to me and they would not let me speak with the owner. The investigatpr that was assigned to my case when I was trying to press charges for assault never even wrote up a warrant and never even did anything she was supposed to to start pressing charges on the owner for assault, The Detroit police never get to what they are supposed to be doing but I at least made a police report about the assault so I do have that proof. As soon as I have enough money I am going to be taking them to court and suing Grandwood Auto for my car because no one will even speak with me or try to help me at all. This dealership is the worst business I have ever dealt with and their very unprofessional.