Face Facts: A Forum on Facial Recognition Technology, Project No. P115406 #00042 

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Face Facts: A Forum on Facial Recognition Technology, Project No. P115406
Anyone collecting information by facial recognition must be legally required to display a photo of their own identical personal facial recognition information. All collectors of personal information must be made to be equally transparent. All deceptions or violations by collectors must carry a flat restitution of $100. to discourage forgetfulness, carelessness or a response of " We don't know but we apologize". All apology's must be in the form of a cash payment to insure repeat offense will not reward the violator(s). Payment must be made speedily and automatically so as not to inconvenience the offended party or discourage them by asking for them to complete forms paid directly to each person they failed to equally expose their facial photo and ID to. If the number of persons is 1 million then the offender must pay out $100 million because they've offended others for personal or corporate gain and those offended must therefore be positioned to gain as well. Information is valuable and those who use the technology must pay those who supply what they need. No one may gain wealth at the deliberate exploitation of another. There must be financial reward to each person whose personal information is taken for anothers gain. Nothing is free. Information must be purchased not stolen or taken. Since identification and personal information holds value for those gathering it, they must be prepared to pay. Individuals must be legally allowed to post their Facebook or websites w/ a standardized notice of " Predator " identifying any company of group or individual who cloaks themselves while gathering, gleaning, harvesting, personal information via facial recognition. The term " Peeping Tom " must be standardized as well for 2nd offenders as a warning of invasive, persistent, unwanted Predators.