Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Apple Inc. #00042

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Joseph Lippe
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Apple Inc.
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112 3108

I find it absurd the Federal Trade Commission has fined Apple Inc. $32.5 million and allowing parents to abdicate their parenting responsibilities. Punishing Apple is going to have two ramifications. One...passing the $32.5 million price tag to responsible consumers. Two...alleviating parents of their parenting responsibilities. Although Apple is responsible for paying the $32.5 million fine in the short term it is the responsible consumers that will pay the $32.5 million fine in the long run through increased Apple product price tags in the market place. By the FTC bending to a complaint filed but parents unwilling accept responsibility for their lack of parenting and the actions of their children further exacerbates a lack of personal responsibility. Why are the many responsible parents that take an active role and time in their children’s' app use having to pay for the irresponsibility of a few parents? Unfortunately I feel the FTC has made a poor decision and a missed a valuable opportunity to emphasize the importance of accepting responsibility for a lack of active parenting. Although I may pay more for Apple products in the future to cover the $32.5 million the most disturbing fact is that you have a set a precedent that children and young adults will believe its ok to shirk their personal responsibilities because someone else will accept responsibility for them. Sorry FTC....but you've missed the mark on this one.