Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Fidelity National Financial, Inc. /Lender Processing Services, Inc. #00042

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k stevens
disabled housewife
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Fidelity National Financial, Inc. /Lender Processing Services, Inc.
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copy of complaint Occ: have not a complaint,but a request. 1:please find out why Wells Fargo will not disclose to us where the money went from savethedream/ohio? The amount of 11,978.98 is not disclosed as to what it went for , and where it is. You would think, OCC would make sure money that WE Americans pay with our taxes, that when help is given,it is given with disclosure, not confusion, untruth and hidden everything. Request 1: Want full disclosure of where the $11,978.98 went in detail.Request 2: Find out HOW and WHY, a mortgage lender can delay, undisclose, lie, misrepresent and confuse customers while doing a HAMP application and the charge the customer for the mortgage lenders, all that was implied for over 2 years. Starting a HAMP April 21, 2010 and not getting it finalized until July 2012 is not a customers fault, how can anyone get to the answer that its okay, to delay and so forth and then charge the customer over $60,000 for those two years of the lenders process and employee actions? Im very interested in knowing how you came to a conclusion ITS OK FOR LENDERS TO NOT DISCLOSE,is that okay,Request 3: Please explain when anyone complains about someone or something, how that complaint is sent to the company or person being complained about to resolve it? What logic is that? How can a borrower get any type of resolution or even absolution when the complaint is sent to the lender to resolve? Please explain why after or over at least 1yr of complaning to Ohio Consumer protection and OCC and HUD, why is our complaint sent to Wells Fargo and I get replies over and over like this, and I quote: "Due to a system oversight the HHF funds intended for your august payment were inadvertently applied to other fees on the account. The transactionhas been reversed and aplied as originally intended. Thank you for sharing your experience with our organization."(The entire answer from Wells fargo dated:Sept16,2013)is full of gibber gabish, not even half truth.,and I find it hard to believe this is acceptable from OCC and Ohio consumer complaints.request 4:Do to the obscene abuse by Wells Fargo on us, from April2010 till present,we have had to drop out of our cht13 bankruptcy to supposedly get the HAMP, then we were told to be over 90 behind, then we were foreclosed on in 2011,then we were told after another year of everyday abuse by them, we were told we were behind after the hamp in July2012, WE WERE NOT, according to our note, and they once again foreclosed on us, we then had to file a chapter 7,without dueregard for the borrowers, no litigation,no mitigation or even the slightest help or assistance came from Wellsfargo, only threats and lies. Now today January22,2014 we still have no answers, being forced to have to file a chapter7 bankruptcy do to WF lies,we find out our HAMP was not was it was,that our Value of property is $153,000 and some how our prinicple on the HAMP became $211,000,even thou when we started the HAMP in April2010 we were in Chapter 13, and the principle was 165,000.The Trustee in bankruptcy chtr7 ABANDONED our property, there has been no Reaffirmation either. How did we get here? How can this happen and no one at OCC or Ohioconsumer protection isnt even blinking an eye to actually look at this bag of abusing a borrower for over 4years,how?I have filing cabinets and boxes of names,ph#"s, and still no disclosure, no truth. We want relief, we want to be treated as human beings,not people/borrowers who dont matter,who dont deserve to know how the principle went so far above the value is unacceptable,and how funds from HHF are not disclosed, and yet Wells Fargo can say,do anything and its accepted???? Please, All we want is out from them,our home is not a home now, we want assistance from USDA Rural direct, for a home in same community, where a retired disabled couple can live without fear and protection,God Bless the direct loan person we are working with at USDA, praying forloan with GODS SPEED