Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of DesignerWare, LLC, FTC File No. 1123151 #00042

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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of DesignerWare, LLC, FTC File No. 1123151
I ve used this product for years and properly configured there shouldn t be a problem with it. Prior to using it, we were charging off thousands of dollars a month with people not returning computers at the end of the rental period. There seems to be a big disconnect with what you re reporting compared to what I have experienced. You must have taken or been exposed to a very weird group of people that did not understand nor know what they were talking about. My product came with disclosure documents in several languages. I had my attorney approve them. I had everyone renting sign one. The company I purchased the software didn t hide any of this nor did I hide any of it. When you turn on the computer you cannot even use it unless you accept that you can be tracked and monitored if you do not return it and have moved. Or you report it stolen. I know, I have to admit, customers complain about it so I turn it off. But it is there and they signed in writing they understood. Many of my customers love having this software because it protects them too. They all (or a majority) want to keep it installed after they go to ownership. However, I tell them I signed a contract that requires me to remove it. I ve referred hundreds of people to the supplier to purchase their own copy. But, it is my understanding they don t sell to consumers. I would like to also comment on the Geolocation technology. Do you really think that it tracks people It is not GPS therefore it is not accurate at all and is really a general location which is NOT very accurate. In just reading those statements leads me to believe you don t under this technology. Geolocation is worthless, it only tells you generally where the computer might be. It s not as if you can drive over and pick it up and it doesn t tell me who is using it. Here s what happens. Miss Jones rents a computer, and after a few weeks she moves and does not tell the store. Then she calls the store or goes to the store and says the computer is stolen and refuses to pay anymore rent. Now if all I can do is turn on Geolocation, all I get is that the laptop is in a 5 block area of a bunch of apartments. Miss Jones said she lived someplace else and I don t know she moved, so this isn t helpful. I know it s still in the local area, but I don t know which apartment or house it is in out the hundreds of possible homes. Now, if I can ask Miss Jones to register a piece of software and take a picture of her registering it then that is helpful. Once it does that, it turns off. Yes, I asked to have a fake program claim it needed registered but she was stealing my property. I remember hearing the police calling criminals with warrants in for free football tickets and nobody complained about that. I don t think you thought this order out in any real world scenarios. Tell you what, you can come up to my 5 stores in Michigan and work a few weeks so you can really see what you should be regulating. I guarantee you when you re done you ll want this technology on everything from computers to sofas.