Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Facebook, Inc., FTC File No. 0923184 #00039 

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Todd Ward
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Facebook, Inc., FTC File No. 0923184
I would like to say to the FTC that enough is not done with Facebook and its CEO infringing upon citizens wish for complete privacy and unauthorized transfer of sensitive information to its affiliates of whom we can only imagine the number and being fooled to believing users are the customers of facebook and not the product. I have a complaint that the ceo of facebook is not allowing my family to log in to our account without first disclosing our only private phone number that is listed on the Federal Do Not Call list in order for us to log in. How is it that facebook and it's conveniently stupid ceo Mark Z. is allowed to use tools like this against its users to gain access to information the FTC knows he is selling? This tolerance by the FTC allows ceo Mark Z. to circumvent protections the government has set up and undermines the privacy of all citizens as member of facebook - the application American citizens were fooled into believing was free and innocent when the only thing free is access to our private lives by whoever Mark Z. wishes to have it. The cost of being a member of facebook should never be an Americans freedom of choosing to remain private. This is forcing families to reveal private and sensitive information to be violated and abused by Mark Z. How sick is our government to allow this guy Mark Zuckerberg to trample on all our privacy rights? Facebook has crossed way beyond what Phonebook ever intended to be and if it were phone companies doing what Mark Z. is doing they would have been stopped by now so why is Mark Z. and facebook getting the minor slap on the wrist? Is facebook to big to fail or just allowed to commit fraud and violate the privacy of citizens?