Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of DesignerWare, LLC, FTC File No. 1123151 #00038

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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of DesignerWare, LLC, FTC File No. 1123151
My rental payment has gone up because of you. This is not what I want my Government doing. Aaron s never lied to me about if the computer was stolen the webcam could be used. What do I care if they record someone that has stolen my computer Or, I know if I do NOT return it as I agreed to in writing they can use the camera. It doesn t make sense to me that they d take my picture because they already know who I am. Last year, Lori who was a friend of mine rented a computer from Aaron s and she sold it and then stopped paying for it. I know that Bill, the manager, tried to find her but she moved after she quit her job. Since I recommended her and worked with her, Bill called me several times to see where she moved too. But, she quit her job and moved out of her apartment. So, I had no idea as to where she was. All I knew was she stuck the landlord with at least three months rent and everyone was looking for her. Aaron s used the tracking and camera to locate their computer. The reason I know this is she sold it to Jim at work, which I did not know at the time. Jim came into work one day and said, you ll never guess what happened to me last night. That computer Lori sold me was stolen from Aaron s. I was home and Aaron s knocked on my door asking if Lori lived there. I said no. They said they were there to pick up her computer, which I said wasn t there. Then they showed me a picture they took with the webcam and said I was using a computer owned by them and that I was in possession of stolen property. So I gave it to them. Now I m out $300 because of her. Now, according to Bill I will have to pay for people like Lori that takes and sells a computer. I don t really care that Jim had his picture taken it wasn t his computer. Was he unaware of it, sure but I also think he probably knew it wasn t on the up and up. If I buy a car that is stolen and the owner tracks it to me then isn t that their right to do so I ve read this complaint and it disturbs me what you are stating but then I really have to think about it and make some common sense out of it. It leads me to believe you talked to people like Jim. Sure Jim is probably mad, because he d still have the computer if Aaron s couldn t have caught him using it. I do not believe this consent agreement is something I want the FTC to do. You are now violating my civil rights to enter into an agreement with Aaron s because of someone like Lori And now Aaron s is just going to add the cost onto people like me. It is wrong, if Aaron s stores was using it improperly then address that and leave the rest of us alone that are doing nothing wrong. In the end it is my right to choose to rent from Aaron s and if I m given all the facts and informed then I take the personal responsibility for that and you should not interfere with it.