Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503 #00035 

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Gary Abraham
Div. of Mental health and Addiction Services
New Jersey
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Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503
If we haven't learend our leason about industry self regulation by now... with the near collapse of our finanical systems, oil and coal disasters, built-in obsoletism, and all the other "industry" contributions which have lead the way to our contry becoming the largest debtor nation in the world while corporate profits are at all time highs (and with little tax obligation)... I wonder what scale of disastor it will take for us to reralize that corperate greed cannot be self regulated. The alcohol industry has demonstrated over and over again its lack of concern about the damage its product makes not only to individuals and families but to our communities and culture as well. They find new ways to market addictive products to kids knowing that they can develope life long product loyalty if they accomplish this at vey young ages. This flies in the face of all scientific research that indicates the eariler a kid starts to drink the more likely he/she is to develope a diagnosible problem. They ignore the simple truth that their product plays a major role in the three leading causes of death for American youth...accidents, suicides and homacides. They sell their product with sex, party atmosphere, sofistication, humor and other positive lures because they know that drunk driving, DT's, convultions, organ disease, domestic violence, etc will turn people away. We must end all industry self regulation and there is no better place to start then with the alcohol instustry.