16 CFR Part 310: Telemarketing Sales Rule #00034 

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Penny Grout
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16 CFR Part 310: Telemarketing Sales Rule
These comments reflect the views of a private consumer regarding the use of caller ID to assist with unsolicited telemarketing phone calls. Currently, caller ID assists consumer's with identifying sales calls as typically they come in with a 1800 number. My home receives numerous telemarketing phone calls every day, even though we are on the official do not call list. My household is able to screen unwanted phone calls using caller ID, however, typically the name of the company is not included in these phone calls. In order to improve the ability for the caller ID services it would be beneficial to include the company name for the services or products being sold (not the telemarketer name). Occasionally, I am unable to screen out these phone calls because the caller ID information is incorrectly transmitted with inaccurate phone numbers. The requirement to transmit valid and accurate phone numbers would allow the consumer to complain about the fact that telemarketers continue to call consumers even when they are on the do not call list. For telemarketers that do not have the technology or ability to transmit the company information, it would be beneficial to have the ability to return the call and get either a live attendant or a recorded message stating what company is being represented so that the consumer could report it. The news contains many stories each day about predatory telemarketers who take advantage of people and tracking down information about these companies who are soliciting products is difficult for the average consumer. They are able to hide their identity and phone numbers with the current technology that exists so any improvement on the requirements to transmit valid information regarding their true phone number and identity would assist the consumer and law enforcement with this problem.