Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter Google, Inc. (Google Buzz), File No. 1023136 #00034 

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Steven Burrows
North Carolina
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter Google, Inc. (Google Buzz), File No. 1023136
I believe it is necessary for Internet providers and content suppliers to be frank, honest and open regarding their use of user private information. It should be clear at the outset of any interaction between the parties that user private information is being used for commercial and/or noncommercial purposes. The exact type and character of that commercial/noncommercial use should be spelled out plainly and not hidden in an endless machination of words contained in a provider/content supplier privacy statement. Providers and content suppliers should be obligated by law or rule to provide a simple means for which the consumer can "opt-out" of services designed to collect and use their private information for commercial/noncommercial purposes. Just because I own a "4G" cell phone or other advanced electronic device does not give Internet providers and content suppliers of services for those devices the right to invade my privacy and use my private information or user location data for their own commercial/noncommercial benefit without my written consent. I suggest also that Internet providers and content suppliers design their software and services so that a consumer can immediately purge that data record, at will, at the end of any "session" or use of a service. This could be done by simply adding an end message or "electronic tag" that asks the consumer if he/she wishes to purge the record of this interactive event (the previous session or previous service provided). In addition, there should be a "global version" of such a purge "button" in which the consumer predetermines that he/she wishes no electronic interactive session or event to ever be collected, used or stored in any form by the Internet provider/content provider for their own commercial/noncommercial use.