Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Apple Inc. #00033

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Kevin Polk
South Carolina
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Apple Inc.
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112 3108

In December of 2012, my son received a new Apple I-Pad for Christmas. Setting up the I-Pad with my I-Tunes account required me to place a credit card on file with the I-Tunes store. My family and I used the account sparely but did occasionally purchase books and music for his I-Pad. In June of 2013 my son unknown began to purchasing video games and in game rewards with his I-Pad. From June 16, 2013 until July 30, 2013, my 12 year old son unknowingly purchasing $750.55 in video game charges via the Apple I-Tunes store. This purchase was linked to my account and my credit card. On July 30, 2013, our credit card company contacted us on another matter and which caused me to review our credit card account. I noticed charges from I-Tunes that began on June 16, 2013 and ran through July 30, 2013. The charges ranged from $99 to $0.99. After reviewing our I-Tunes charges, we saw massive amounts of charges for video games. I told the credit card company to freeze our account and issue new credit card numbers because I believed our account had been compromised. I asked our son if he knew anything about these video games. Our son told us immediately that those were games he was playing on his I-Pad but he did not know he had to pay for them. He told us that he thought they were free games and/or extra content for the games. He told us that a password was required to download anything including the "free" games so he did not know he was making purchases. We attempted to get in touch with someone from Apple to help fix the issue but were unable to speak with anyone. We ended up paying the charges in full. We were unaware of any lawsuits by other parents or the government until I heard of the government's settlement via the news media on January 16, 2014. I decided to attempt to have our money refunded so my wife tried today (January 21, 2014) to file a complaint with Apple. However, the website would not let her file because it said we needed to submit a claim by January 13, 2014. Had we known about any of these suits, we would have been involved as we feel the system targeted our child to make these charges. We have copies of the account charges my young son ran up. We have since changed passwords, removed the credit card from the account and more closely supervise his use of his I-Pad. I am making this request for help so that Apple can reimburse me and other parents that in the same situation that were not aware of the settlements. I ask you to please help us. Thank you. [redacted]