Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503 #00027 

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M Goorabian
Matt's Mom
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Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503
FTC My son will be 30 yrs old on April 27, 2011. What I would give to hug him and wish him Happy Birthday. But I can't he died on June 22, 2008 from alcoholism. His BAC was .40. He started drinking BEER at 14. I don't blame the alcohol industry for his alcoholism many treatment facilities tried to help him and as inteligent as he was he could not kick his alcohol addiction. If love could have cured him he would be alive today and sober,unfortunately love can't cure this disease. Targeting our youth and "branding" to a beer or hard liquor starts early with our youth. It is promoted at all major sporting events, advertised in print media,internet and television commercials and again when watching a sporting event with ads inside the venue. How did we stop this with tobacco and can't even put a dent in the "branding" (alcohol industry's term) of our youth and young adults to drink alcohol? The alcohol industry stating at the end of all their ads "drink responsible" is NOT enough effort by the Alcohol Industry. Alcohol needs to be taxed like tobacco, use it you charge for the harm. Alcohol effects so many people,families,children, hospital ER's,law enforcement,court systems, child protective services, dui victims etc. The "in your face" free ride the alcohol industry has been allowed with NO RESPONSIBILTY for the far reaching harm that industry causes has got to be stoped against our children and young adults. How many drunk people will leave a major league baseball game tonight and drive out of the parking lot drunk? Can you use tobacco at a major sporting event, NO , that is not acceptable anymore. Do you see tobacco ads in print media, major sporting events, or television anymore? NO because tobacco is a harmfull drug with major health consiquences and we taxed the hell out of it to make it responsible for the harm and smoking has decreased dramatically. PLEASE HOLD THE ALCOHOL INDUSTRY ACCOUNTABLE and STOP THE CONSTANT "BRANDING" OF OUR CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS BY THE ALCOHOL INDUSTRY. Thank you, Marci Goorabian, Matt's Mom (Matthew Dallas Goorabian 4/27/1981-6/22/2008)