16 CFR Part 312; Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule Review; Project No. P104503 #00025 

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Kristen Garcia
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16 CFR Part 312; Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule Review; Project No. P104503
I am writing to comment on the proposed regulation “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule”. I am for this regulation because I believe parents have the right to control what type of personal information websites are able to collect from children. I think it is important that web operators are restricted from collecting personal information from children under the age of 13. I agree that in the past 5 years or so there has been some major technological developments and children’s use of technology has grown significantly, so I think is a good idea to do an earlier review of the COPPA rule rather than waiting until 2017. As technology becomes more advanced over time, I believe it’s important to respond to these changes by ensuring our children continue to be protected. It’s important to stay up to date and make the necessary adjustments to these rules as technology continues to change and become more advanced. In my opinion, the age limit should be raised to about 15 years old, or maybe it would be a good idea to just create a new set of privacy protection for teenagers. Children and teenagers are learning and using the internet more and more everyday. Parents have the right to know what type of information their children are giving on the internet and these websites should require parental consent. So, I am grateful for regulations such as this that are committed to creating a safer environment for our children. I am also glad to hear that the Commission is exploring new ways to ensure adults and teens have stronger privacy protection. Keep up the good work!