16 CFR Part 310: Telemarketing Sales Rule #00024 

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M Gregory Smith
Accudata Technologies
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16 CFR Part 310: Telemarketing Sales Rule
Addendum to prior submission (800 #'s): Often telemarketers "spoof" Caller I D by sending an 800# rather than the actual number (ANI) being dialed frm. This practice is inteneded to encourage call back. It should not be a problem if a true Calling Name (CNAM) is delivered with the number. With today's technology, there is no reason not to provide a CNAM with an 800#. The important parts that should be addressed in the TSR include: 1 - a real callback number MUST be used. And, 2 - a real calling name must be provided by the carriers offering enhanced Called ID (Calling Name) service.