Public Roundtables: Protecting Consumers in the Sale and Leasing of Motor Vehicles, Project No. P104811 #00024 

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Sheryl Bjornson
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Public Roundtables: Protecting Consumers in the Sale and Leasing of Motor Vehicles, Project No. P104811
I have been a used car salewoman for over 10 years. I started in the state of Idaho and then in 2007 moved to San Diego CA and started here. After working for 2 small independant dealerships that went under due to the economy I found employment at Truck and Suv Super Store in El Cajon CA. They have the claim to fame of the # 1 independent dealership in CA, they get that by volume. I started as a salesman and with in a month asked to do the internet department. In time I observed complaints from other salesmans customers , and then finally my own. I had a police officer who flew in from Orange County to buy a yellow Corvette, I picked him up and did all the paper work, the car fax was clean, he drove home the new car that night and the next day told me when he went to look at the car paint chips were noticable. He also said he pulled a auto check and found out it was in an accident 2 months prior in Nevada. I have numerous names numbers , vin # s to cars for over 1 year . This is a middle eastern owner who makes his huge profits by buying frame damaged vehilces and fixing then selling at retail prices, he owns 3 body shops so I am told, one in mexico . Because Southern California is so close to the boarder the amount of fraud is stunning. I know the car faxes were clean but somehow he is able to get around it. I am told in AZ they can retitle then shows up clean . This area is flooded by small dealerships selling frame damage vehicles. Military men and woman are trusting they have choosen a good dealership where is their protection and I also know they are being charged more than they should when it comes to paying California salestax they are supposed to be able to register in there home state. They need help knowing there rights. What surprises me the most is how the DMV has not shut this place down. I know first hand my customer complaints and that I took over the phone of others, I know that many times they said they would contact the DMV why no investigation. I wrote the San Diego States Atty, the reply said to contact the DMV or local police station, San Diegans need help , I looked up on the California DMV web site, about recondition vehicles, dismantle sites, you name it, no laws, no protection for consumers, how can you buy a car, find out months later or weeks as most were where I worked , and not be told what work was done, was it a licensed body shop or what kind of parts new or used where used . If all the work done was disclosed they might think twice about the purchase, or how about if disclosed a picture of what it looked like at the time of purcahse that would for sure be full disclosure. There needs to be strict guidelines implemented. I am also told the auction houses are to blame, greed, corruption exist.