16 CFR Part 310: Telemarketing Sales Rule #00022 

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Monica Martino
Accudata Technologies
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16 CFR Part 310: Telemarketing Sales Rule
I believe the Commission should address the lack of name responses sent to CallerID subscribers. Many of the ILECS and RBOCs do not search non-owned telco Databases for names associated with numbers, because they would have to pay for the data (typically less than $.005 per query). So, they tell customers they will return available names, but do not, and charge an extraordinary amount per month to return only 44% of available names (according to a study done by our company). The TSR should be written to require CallerID Calling Name delivery to paid subscribers, unless there is a network failure. Our company delivered millions of names for telemarketers to CallerID subscribers until the major land line providers decided not to pay us for data. When we inquired about it, they told us "none of our customers are complaining, so we won't look at data in other databases". The carriers have mainly stopped looking at any databases not owned by them. This, of course, if a total disservice to paid CallerID/Calling Name subscribers. The new TSR should also address the practice of "spoofing" and insure proper penalties for those convicted of circumventing caller identification for fraudulent purposes.