Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Bi-Lo Holdings, LLC #00021

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Mark Isenberg
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Bi-Lo Holdings, LLC
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As a Florida consumer in Pinellas County,I shop mainly at Publix for special price weekly deals and it is a well maintained store. I have shopped previously at Bi-Lo stores in Charlotte and found them just ok with some maintenance issues. Bi-Lo was rescued by Lone Star Funds of Dallas owned by a very wealthy man who now lives in Europe but has always had a good eye for real estate bargains which is why he bought Bi-Lo and now Sweetbay which are being converted to Winn Dixie,also a Lone Star Funds unit. The problem remains whether Winn Dixie can shake off a previous Florida version in which maintenance was lacking in many stores,specials were not so special and even their meat brands suffered quality control at times. The WD brand is not what it used to be and whether this new FTC approval of the Sweetbay conversion makes shoppers happier will depend on a major funds investment by Lone Star via Bi-Lo in Jacksonville,Florida to give shoppers cleaner stores,better deals and the kind of customer service rarely found except at Publix stores. We want employees to keep their jobs but unless FTC scrutinizes Florida stores on a periodic basis,there is no reason to just trust Management to do the right thing for customers beyond the Grand Reopening Specials in April. I would ask the FTC to share this with Bi-Lo Management because I would like to visit Winn Dixie stores if they are well maintained and in my region,they are still hit and miss be it the ones closing under Sweetbay or the one store in Tarpon Springs which is closing as a Winn Dixie.