16 CFR Part 310: Telemarketing Sales Rule #00020 

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16 CFR Part 310: Telemarketing Sales Rule
We receive telemarketing calls at our house regularly despite being on the Do Not Call List. Why should the consumer even have to deal with these people? That's why we put our number on the List! It is definitely harrasment, and doesn't seem like that difficult of a problem to put a stop to. When the caller ID info doesn't match the real number, it's obviously an attempt to deceive. That should earn an AUTOMATIC fine. Robodialers are a tool for harasment. They operate to the convenience of the caller, not the poor sucker at the other end. Most times there is noone on the other end. Isn't making someone get up to answer a dead call harassment? If I did that repeatedly to someone I would likely get reported to law enforcement and rightly so! When caller ID shows up as "Toll Free" that is an obvious attempt to conceal identity. That should be easily screened and should earn a fine. How about making it easier to document these scam calls and easier to report? Make it profitable for consumers to enforce the rules and compliance will go up. Americans should have the right to regulate who calls their house. Please stop these scammers! Please enpower consumers to put an end to this baloney!