16 CFR Part 310: Telemarketing Sales Rule #00018 

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Jason Messer
RM Carolina Properties
North Carolina
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16 CFR Part 310: Telemarketing Sales Rule
I would like to see following put into use: 1. Make it illegal to "spoof" caller ID displayed info. Currently I get a lot of telemarketing calls that have either a faked number (a number that is not assigned or not a working number) or worse yet, belongs to a business that isn't the telemarketer, but gets the blame since their number was on the caller ID units of those that GOT the telemarketing call. 2. Increase the penalties for calling numbers who are ON the DNC list. I get calls from the same telemarketer now (from 8 different phone numbers that they use to call me from) that I have either opted out via 'pressing one to be removed from their calling list' or have actually spoken to a live human being and requested to be removed from their calling list - and yet I am still getting calls over four months later from these same people. Not only are ALL of my phone numbers ON the DNC List, but I have repeatedly requested that they remove me from their call list. Blatant violator does not begin to describe these scum. 3. Create stiff penalties for using false information in caller ID services. For example, heavy fines and possible jail time for using either NO information or for creating false info that would be displayed to mask the true origin of the telemarketer or the info that should be displayed. 4. Require telephone providers to check the caller ID information coming out of a telemarketing firm, business, etc for proper Caller ID info. If they see that the caller ID info does not match the actual business phone number(s) and name, then they (phone company /Telephone provider) should be required to shut off service until such time as the information is corrected to reflect the true identity of the business and phone number(s). OR, the telephone provider should have the ability to remove and replace the incorrect information with the correct caller ID info and business name / phone number as it enters their system. 5. Require that ALL telemarketing firms have in place a system that will allow for the IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT removal of all persons wishing to be removed from a calling list. Not like what I have experienced where you keep 'pressing one to be removed' and here I am still dealing with these same morons eight months later - still getting calls from those same morons 5-8 times a day. 6. Require the telemarketers to also utilize a coded signal that would identify their call as being a telemarketing call (this would include surveys and any type of cold calling) which could be used by consumer Caller ID systems to identify and block these calls from being received by the consumer if they chose to have these blocked and to NOT receive these types of calls. 7. Make it illegal with fines and imprisonment if a telemarketing firm failed to properly utilize this coded signal or impeded its proper use in any manner. This type of caller ID coding could be used to let consumers choose what types of telemarketing they would allow and which they could choose to block. Just something to think about.