Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc. #00017

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Christopher Dillon
Towson University
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc.
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I was astonished to learn that the Music Teacher's National Associaion (MTNA), of which I am a member in good standing, is under attack from your agency for a non-binding, unenforced ethical recommendation. The recommendation in question, that music teachers refrain from soliciting students from other teachers, is a long-standing cultural assumption among music teachers. I was not aware that MTNA had this recommendation in their written materials, but I have always taken great care not to say anything disparaging about other music teachers. I have even gone to such lengths as to ask a prospective piano student if his present teacher was aware that he was having conversations with me about transferring, to ensure that it was not being done behind the other teacher's back. The idea that such a common-sense ethical recommendation, and one that is part of the music teacher culture, could stifle competition is ludicrous. There are so many other ways to compete, not least of which are excellence in teaching, a budget-friendly price point, general advertising, having a website, having a superior professional network, having superior programs or amenities, and using superior instruments. The singling out of the MTNA for this attack is so devoid of common sense that I am sure that the general public, were they aware of it, would view it for what it is--the unthinking persecution of an arts organization dedicated to the public good, for no discernible motive, unless it be a hidden, nefarious one. I promise to endeavor to make everyone within my sphere of influence aware of this gross injustice. Sincerely, Christopher Dillon, D.M.A.